When do I choose my vehicle?

You will have the opportunity to choose the vehicle at the time of installation. You will not pick your vehicle until you have downloaded and run the installer.

Can I import my own car into the software?

No, you cannot import you own car into the software. We use a patented process to convert images to be used in the Digital Paint Booth.

Do you have an Apple version?

No, we do not have an Apple version but it will run under BootCamp or Virtualization.

Is there more than one angle of the vehicle?

Yes, this is complete 3d system allowing you control of the camera and viewing angles.

Can I do flat style paints?

Yes, we now have flat style options in several different colors.

What do I do if I want the older non 3D version?

The older version can be purchase from the old version website

What do I do if I have an install question?

Contact via email or at our toll free number (1-888-294-0984)

What happens if my computer crashes?

Contact us at 1-888-294-0984 with your serial number.

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