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Can I import my own car into the software?

No, you cannot import you own car into the software. We use a patented process to convert images to be used in the Digital Paint Booth.

Do you have an Apple version

No, we do not have an Apple version but it will run under BootCamp or Virtualization.

Is there more than one angle of the vehicle?

No, there is only a front 3/4 style view of each vehicle in the database.

If I want more than one car purchase multiple single versions instead of the full version?

Yes, but each vehicle will need its own version of the Digital Paint Booth and each vehicle version will need to be installed into different locations on your computer.

Can I do flat style paints?

No, all of the vehicle images were taken of shine, reflective car paint.

What do I do if I have an install question?

Please contact http://www.RegNow.com/help.html

What happens if my computer crashes?

Contact us at 1-888-294-0984 with your serial number.

What if the vehicle that I want is not in the database?

We are always excepting new images to add to our database. If your picture meets out criteria, submit it to be included in the database. If you need something special please contact us at digitalpaint@hokdigitalpaintbooth.com or give us a call at 1-888-294-0984